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October 28, 2010


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photo by Claudine

October 28, 2010



October 28, 2010

After seeing the guidance counselor, I am even more lost!

yes: (but my connection between my shoulder and my neck is lacking.  probably tendinitis..

It works not anti-inflammatory grrrrr!

Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

train stops between Montreal and Toronto

October 27, 2010



October 27, 2010



October 27, 2010

Canadian 1st row … I smell the Cup! Haha! not!

I took cough syrup to prove to my little brother that’s good. It tasted Halls mixed with pudding unemployed!  Wow!

In addition to luck I’m clairvoyant.

I am the taste of paste! On that note, good night twit! 🙂


October 27, 2010

“The cream soda is used as an aperitif, my friends!”

“I am your eyes, your hands … I am master of puppets!”

“Shivers, disco shoes, disco moves”

“Hey tabarnouche, kick start, kick start, kick start my heart!”


October 26, 2010

must say that I listened more hockey than I did my homework. Do not follow my example!

 Is it normal that the bell of my house gives me the desires of murder?

Lord_Voldemort: sevenwordsaftersex- Leave before I unleash my other snake!


October 25, 2010

Our sadness is the inevitable result of the conflict between our natural impulses and the demands of civilization …

No happiness is possible in the dark, the only certainty is the quiet life.

Symbol of life, intelligence, progress, it is indispensable. The light reveals its many lights, maybe today..

If you laugh is what that tells me you’re not far from the same point as me!

 I do not know if I’ll be  drunktweet but I just opened my first beer

“To love is to know that I love you without speaking.”

 21% of employees would refuse a job that would prohibit access social networks

Okay, well, I hear the murmurs of my bed..

There’s nothing like sleeping in spoon with my two best friends: fitted sheet and pillow …  Good Night

photo by bensonkua

October 25, 2010