Lawlady05 ‏@SylviaMcAdam

I invite everyone to tweet events & pics from all Idle No More Jan 28th! Lets show our protection of our mother earth!

Lawlady05 ‏@SylviaMcAdam

TWEET Idle No More pics & events for Jan. 28 global day of action, the grassroots are beautifully creative & innovative in their resistance.

Lawlady05 ‏@SylviaMcAdam

COME ON NOW … lets get Idle No More, parliament resumes Jan. 28 there are more bills coming. Worse things happening #idlenomore

Lawlady05 ‏@SylviaMcAdam

U think Bill c45 is done? No its not, once the snow melts the companies will head to the waters, we’re not done cuz more bills r coming INM

Occupy Congress ‏@OCongress

The 53 US senators demanding the #KeystoneXL oil pipeline be built, each took an average of $551,051 from the fossil fuel industry.

Lawlady05 ‏@SylviaMcAdam

We all share the same water so make no mistake Bill c45 affects YOU! Being idle is not an option anymore, silence is deadly #idlenomore

Lawlady05 ‏@SylviaMcAdam

At the end of the day, if we don’t have clean water & land, all our talk of Nationhood will not matter. You cant drink money #idlenomore

Lawlady05 ‏@SylviaMcAdam

Protecting water & land is not just an Indian thing, its a human thing#idlenomore

Lawlady05 ‏@SylviaMcAdam

there are plans to build nuclear reactors to power the tar sands development. More devastation once the snow melts! We cannot be idle please..

Lawlady05 ‏@SylviaMcAdam

Movements like Idle No More have been known to remove leaders, stop corporations & change laws! #idlenomore

Lawlady05 ‏@SylviaMcAdam

If the Harper government means it, they will remove those bills & protect water from corporations. 99% of water is not protected right now!

Lawlady05 ‏@SylviaMcAdam

There are more cancers in areas the tar sands are & they are coming for Saskatchewan with Bill c45, is that what you want? #idlenomore

Lawlady05 ‏@SylviaMcAdam

When was the last time u drank water directly from a stream? Bill c45 will change all that, nothing exists on earth to “fix” poisoned water!


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