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Media Cover-up of Canada’s Role in the Overthrow of Jean-Bertrand Aristide

January 31, 2014

Eleven years ago this weekend Canada organized an international gathering to discuss overthrowing Haiti’s elected government. The conference was reported in a major magazine at the time, but since the coup actually happened the dominant media has refused to investigate or even mention the meeting.

Rob Ford On Justin Bieber

January 30, 2014

‘Well, you know what, he’s a young guy,’ said Ford, an avid football fan who is regular guest on the sports show Sports Junkies.. ‘At 19 years old, I wish I was as successful as he was. He’s 19 years old, guys. Think back to when you were 19.’
Asked if he was a fan of Bieber’s music, Ford said his tastes leaned more toward classic rock acts such as Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and the Eagles..‪

More see Trudeau as excellent prime minister than Harper: poll

January 26, 2014

More Canadians think Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau would do an excellent job as prime minister than either NDP Leader Tom Mulcair or Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a new poll by Abacus Data suggests.

The poll also suggests 68 per cent of Canadians believe Harper is not honest and accountable.

Minimum Wage: Something We Can All Agree On

January 24, 2014

Kevin O’Leary: ‘Extreme Income Inequality Is ‘Fantastic’!

January 22, 2014

Scientists Speak Out Against Canada’s “War on Science”

January 22, 2014

Seven of Canada’s most prized scientific libraries are being shut down and some of their contents have already been burned, thrown away or carted off by fossil fuel consultancy firms. This development is part of a Harper administration plan to slash more than $160 million in the coming years from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, or DFO — an agency charged with protecting the country’s vast waterways.

The Harper government has portrayed the move as necessary in order to reduce the country’s deficit and provide Canadians with greater access to scientific information through the Internet. But alongside the cuts, the Harper administration has doled out billions in subsidies to the fossil fuel-dominated energy sector — $26 billion in 2011, according to a recent International Monetary Fund report.

Understanding Harper’s Evangelical Mission

January 22, 2014

Any Canadian listening to the news these days might well conclude that the Republican extremists or some associated evangelical group has occupied Ottawa.

And they’d be righter than Job, I believe.

Almost daily, more evidence surfaces that Canada’s government is guided by tribalists averse to scientific reason in favour of Biblical fundamentalism — or what some call “evangelical religious skepticism.”

Harper at the Western Wall

January 22, 2014

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Stephen Harper goes over the top in Israel

January 21, 2014

In Canada we don’t kiss Harper’s hem. In Israel the government is pleased to see him, if bewildered by his huge weird entourage of 208 — including Harper’s fellow evangelical Christians, businessmen and Ezra Levant’s dad Marvin — some of whom managed the trip at taxpayer expense. Was this Harper saying, “See? I’ve got friends. You think I don’t have friends. But I’ve got friends.”

Then why aren’t they paying their own expenses?

The Baffling Politics of Stephen Harper and Israel

January 21, 2014

When one looks at official Canadian government policy towards Israel and Palestine, there doesn’t seem to be much that is outstanding. Beyond the language on UN resolutions that provide Canada with room to protect Israel, the basic pillars are all there: Two-state solution, anti-settlements, reference to UN resolution 194 for refugees, etc. Yet, everyone knows that the Canadian prime minister’s heart and soul, and his rhetoric, are firmly on one side: With Israel.