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Canada’s Political Mainstream Backs War in Ukraine

March 31, 2015

Canadians will go to the polls next October in the first national election since the Conservative Party won a majority government in 2011. There is intense concern among progressive people in the country about the prospects of the Conservatives winning another term in office.

The government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is moving further and further to the right. It has aligned itself tightly with U.S. foreign policy, including being ‘holier than thou’ in its unconditional support of Israel. It joined the U.S.-led air war in Iraq six months ago and now it is joining the U.S. in expanding that to Syria. It has cemented Canada’s role as a leading climate vandal in the world. It has attacked civil and social rights across the board and is now deepening that attack with the proposed, ‘police-state Canada’ Bill C-51.

Montreal Revolutionary Student Movement, protest against austerity.

March 26, 2015

Snowden Docs Reveal Canada a Major Player in Global Spy Operations

March 23, 2015

Canada’s spy agency, the Communication Security Establishment (CSE), is a major player in global hacking operations and boasts a vast array of cyberwarfare tools, revealed in news reports on Monday, that rivals that of the United States’ National Security Agency.

Anti-Terror Legislation

March 21, 2015

Gretzky is no Gretzky in politics

March 9, 2015

So on Monday, while reading a story by the Star’s Robert Benzie, I was surprised to learn Gretzky is endorsing Barrie MP Patrick Brown, who is hoping to become the next leader of the PC Party of Ontario.

“I have known Patrick Brown for a number of years now,” said Gretzky, in a statement clearly ghostwritten by campaign operatives since it started in the first person. “Hard working and dedicated, Patrick is a strong Conservative. He has the passion and vision to lead Ontario.

This isn’t the first time Gretzky has ripped off his old hockey jersey to reveal a frayed political undershirt.

In 2003, with debate raging about the Iraq War, Gretzky fed a goalmouth pass to George W. Bush: “All I can say is the president of the United States is a great leader. I happen to think he’s a wonderful man and if he believes what he’s doing is right, I back him 100 per cent.”

Last September, he praised Stephen Harper as “one of the greatest prime ministers ever.”

NDP making huge gains as Canada tilts leftward: poll

March 8, 2015

The Canadian public is on a distinct tilt to the left, says a new national public opinion poll, suggesting concern over wealth distribution has traction beyond the Occupy tents and protest parades.

The nationwide poll suggests the New Democratic Party would form a minority federal government if this were election day and a strong majority of Canadians believe the country suffers from an income gap, where the rich are getting too rich and the poor are getting too poor.

Bad Weather

March 7, 2015

Why did Harper hire so many criminals if he’s so tough on crime?..

March 4, 2015


This graphic depicts Harper’s record on crime..

March 4, 2015



March 2, 2015

Canada’s electronic surveillance agency is covertly monitoring vast amounts of Canadians’ emails as part of a sweeping domestic cybersecurity operation, according to top-secret documents.