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Harper worried that election might be influenced by voters

August 31, 2015

OTTAWA (The News Desk) — A recent statement released by the prime minister’s office claims that the encroachment of voter influence on elections has reached unacceptable levels, and that the upcoming federal election could be dramatically affected by the participation of voters from across Canada.

Mel Hurtig’s Reason #55 to #LeaveSteve2015

August 30, 2015

Canada’s Role in the “War” on Libya

August 28, 2015

Since the start of the Canadian election campaign a series of posts have detailed the Harper Conservatives repeated abuse of power. The Tyeepublished “Harper, Serial Abuser of Power”, which listed “70 Harper government assaults on democracy and the law.” But the widely disseminated list omitted what may be the Conservatives’ most flagrant – and far-reaching –lawbreaking. In 2011 Ottawa defied UN Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR) 1970 and 1973, which were passed amidst the uprising againstMuammar Gaddafi’s four-decade rule in Libya.

In direct contravention of these legally binding resolutions, Canadian troops were on the ground in the North African country. On September 13, three weeks after Tripoli fell to the anti-Gaddafi National Transition Council, Canada’s state broadcaster reported: “CBC News has learned there are members of the Canadian Forces on the ground in Libya.”

science under Harper

August 28, 2015


Lying: The Pillar of Politics

August 28, 2015

Stephen Harper a ‘control freak,’ Patrick Brazeau says in online column

August 27, 2015

OTTAWA—Sen. Patrick Brazeau, who was expelled from the Conservative caucus, is urging Canadians to vote Stephen Harper out of office in an online essay that likens his leadership style to a dictatorship.

“Harper is a control freak,” Brazeau wrote in a 1,608-word column published by the online political news site Loonie Politics. The essay begins with his thoughts on how Harper has been responding to questions about the criminal trial of Sen. Mike Duffy.

“When I was in caucus, very few challenged him. Those who did were shut down, those who had differing opinions were silenced,” wrote Brazeau, claiming he once “shamed” Harper in front of his caucus for not calling an inquiry into the issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women.

“When you contradict, shame or make the PM look bad regardless of its significance, watch out because some of his soldiers are coming after you,” Brazeau wrote.

NDP in reach of majority, new poll suggests

August 27, 2015

The Forum Research poll for the Toronto Star projects the NDP with enough support to win 174 seats in the Oct. 19 election. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals now sit in second place with 30 per cent support, while Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are losing support and have the backing of just 23 per cent of the 1,440 Canadians surveyed.

Harper’s Government Helping Canadian Mining Companies Plunder Africa’s Resources

August 27, 2015

Canadian policy in Africa can be summed up in nine words: Do what is good for Canadian-owned mining companies.

Despite rhetoric about aid to the poorest people in the world, the Harper Conservatives have worked assiduously to ensure that Canadian corporations profit from Africa’s vast mineral resources.

For Canadian Elections, Money Talks

August 27, 2015

We’ve all heard many times that “money talks” in politics but it was unclear how loudly. Now we know — one billionaire is heard over 50,000 ordinary Canadians.

While about 50,000 people and 175 organizations supported Up for Debate’scall for an election debate focused on women’s issues, it won’t happen because Stephen Harper refused to participate and NDP leader Tom Mulcair is unwilling to appear if the prime minister is not there to bash.

But the same politicians have agreed to a September 28 debate on foreign policy sponsored by an organization named after and financed by one of Canada’s richest and most right-wing capitalists.


August 24, 2015