Stephen Harper Is Still Not Ready

After months of an on-air campaign claiming Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is “just not ready” to be prime minister, another gruelling 78-day election campaign spewing the now tired slogan and, indeed, almost 10 years in office, it’s become evident that Harper himself just isn’t ready for an increasingly diverse Canadian future.

The writing on the wall couldn’t be clearer: between now and 2031, the population of foreign-born Canadians will grow four times faster than everyone else, according to Statistics Canada. By then, nearly half of Canadians will be either foreign-born or have a least one parent is one.

On the other hand, “old stock” Canadians are getting older. For the first time ever, the population of seniors over 65 outnumber the under 15 crowd. Given that life expectancy in Canada is about 80-84 years (depending on gender) , we’re about to see a dramatic electoral shift in roughly 15 years.


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