Canada’s Green Party: How Environmentally Friendly is it?

Why would the Green Party take a more environmentally regressive position on an important issue than Stephen Harper?

During a recent visit to Montreal, Elizabeth May added her voice to the main opposition parties telling suburbanites they should expect the federal government to continue aggressively subsidizing the most costly, unhealthy and ecologically destructive form of land transport.

May told Le Devoir that her party didn’t necessarily support the Harper government’s plan to implement a toll when the Champlain Bridge is rebuilt at a projected cost of over $4 billion.
“The Green Party doesn’t have a rigid position on the issue,” May said. “Before talking about a toll, we need to agree on what kind of mass transit we want to put in place between the South Shore and the island [of Montréal]. Maybe if there is an efficient system, a reduction in traffic on the bridge will take place naturally and the toll won’t be necessary.”

Either this is political opportunism of the worst sort or a lack of real commitment to combatting climate change.


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