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10 Questions on Not Invading Iraq

May 29, 2016

After ‘Destroying’ Canada, Stephen Harper Leaving Politics to ‘Make His Fortune’

May 25, 2016

News that former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper would be leaving politics presumably to “make his fortune” was met with derision and delight from his many critics who say that the conservative MP “destroyed the social fabric of Canada.”

Corporate media isn’t reporting on climate change. And it’s killing us

May 23, 2016

Our aging newspapers and private TV networks are doing little to inform Canadians in a meaningful way about the dramatic changes in the climate that are already altering life in this country.

Elegy for Fort Mac

May 17, 2016

Canada: Kayak blockade protests tar sands pipeline near Vancouver

May 16, 2016

Response to Tax Dodging by Rich Will Show Trudeau’s True Colours

May 14, 2016

Note to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

We will not be distracted forever by your explanation of quantum computers and yoga poses. Or even by the admittedly impressive list of low-hanging fruit (most recently, the return of the long-form census) you have picked thanks to Stephen Harper.

It’s a comforting distraction to think that we might actually have a government that isn’t totally in the thrall of Bay Street billionaires and transnational corporations. But everything we know about your party suggests that nothing fundamental has changed. The litmus test will be how you deal with KPMG over an outrageous tax-avoidance scheme, and with the giant firm’s apologists in the Canada Revenue Agency.

The Long Ignoble History of Westerners Exploiting Africans

May 5, 2016

What do you call people who try to make people believe what they say but ignore the results of what they do? How about spin-sploiters?

After a few years of research I have come to realize that there is a long and ignoble history of Westerners exploiting Africans while touting humanitarian objectives. Unfortunately, this practice is not confined to the distant past.

A leading Canadian NGO official, who then founded Québec’s largest mining company, provides a recent example.

The Long Ignoble History of Westerners Exploiting Africans