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Canada facing massive mortgage crisis

August 29, 2016
Hit by the sharp decline in oil prices the Canadian economy is struggling with a property market approaching the peak of a massive bubble, according to ex-Lehman Brothers trader and a financial writer Jared Dillian.

As Canada’s mortgage market is not securitized, the property crisis is expected to last much longer than in the US, where the loans are backed, Dillian said in an interview with Mauldin Economics.

If there’s no Russian threat to the Baltics, why are Canada’s soldiers there again?

August 22, 2016

If there’s no Russian threat to the Baltics, what is it that our Canadian soldiers are doing there again?

Back on June 20, General Petr Pavel let it slip publicly what everyone in the know already knew, and that is that the Russians pose no threat to the three Baltic Republics, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Gen. Pavel should know. After all, in addition to being until last year the Chief of Staff of the Czech Army, he’s now chair of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Military Committee, which makes him theoretically the top soldier in NATO.

Yemen’s War: A Test for Canada, and We’re Flunking

August 18, 2016

On its website about our embassy in Saudi Arabia, the Canadian governmentsays, with a straight face: “Canada and Saudi Arabia share common interests on many peace and security issues, including energy security, humanitarian affairs (including refugees) and counter-terrorism. The Saudi government plays an important role in promoting regional peace and stability.”

As for Yemen, Canadians are warned: “Global Affairs Canada advises against all travel to Yemen.” The reasons why “the security situation has deteriorated significantly” go unexplained.

Joseph Stiglitz Urges Canada To Tax Profits On Rich People’s Homes

August 18, 2016

Canada should consider taxing uninhabited houses as well as profits from the sale of high-priced homes to reduce the risk of a housing bubble, Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says.

The Leap Manifesto: Could This Be Canada’s Progressive Answer?

August 17, 2016

Canada Bars Hundreds of Activists From Attending the World Social Forum

August 13, 2016

Exposing Canadian Imperialism

August 12, 2016

As hard as it is to admit for a former junior hockey player who spends many hours writing at the neighbourhood Tim Hortons, some things are better in the USA.

For example, comparing Green Party leader Elizabeth May to her American counterpart Jill Stein on foreign-policy issues puts Canada to shame. While Stein has articulated forthright criticism on various international issues, May spouts nationalist platitudes as often as she challenges unjust policies

Exposing Canadian Imperialism

Six pervasive myths about Canada we must stop believing

August 10, 2016

..wrapping yourself in Canada’s national myths and taking comfort in our self-identifying feminist prime minister amounts to an act of violence: the myths erase histories of oppression and lived experience(s) of discrimination in Canada.

Canada’s Green Party Adopts Israel BDS Into Its Platform

August 10, 2016

TORONTO, Canada – The Green Party of Canada has adopted a policy of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel into its official platform after a hard-fought resolution successfully passed at the party’s annual convention over the weekend.

Canada’s Green Party Adopts Israel BDS Into Its Platform

Travesty of Democracy’ as Canada’s Closed Borders Mar Opening of World Social Forum

August 9, 2016

Annual summit of leftist movements aims to “build a sustainable and inclusive world,” but the West’s closed-border policies stand in the way