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The High Price of Housing

September 30, 2016

Controversial EU-Canada trade deal to be signed on October 27

September 28, 2016

Trudeau’s media love affair draws to a sour end

September 28, 2016

As October ushers in the first anniversary of the Trudeau government, a clear pattern has emerged. The public’s love affair with Justin Trudeau remains undiminished, intense and glowing. But the media’s attitude toward the Prime Minister and his government has palpably turned sour and frustrated.

Canadian firm sells Bahrain software to censor Internet

September 28, 2016

“Researchers have identified a Canadian company at the centre of a small Arab nation’s online censorship system — a finding that sits awkwardly with Ottawa officials’ public support for digital freedoms.

Anti-Palestine Media Bias Remains Untouchable Even to Canada’s Media Critics

September 25, 2016

Media coverage of world affairs mostly focuses on Ottawa/Washington’s perspective. While the dominant media is blatant in its subservience to Canadian/Western power, even independent media is often afraid to challenge the foreign policy status quo.

Anti-Palestine Media Bias Remains Untouchable Even to Canada’s Media Critics

Trudeau’s Liberals Adopt Harper Government’s Carbon Targets

September 24, 2016

Canada’s little known chequered UN history in Africa

September 14, 2016

Canadian officials have long done as they pleased in Africa, loudly proclaimed this country’s altruism and only faced push back from hard rightists who bemoan sending troops to the  “Dark Continent” or “dens of hell”.

With many Canadians normally opposed to war supporting anything called “peacekeeping”, unless troops deployed with an African UN mission are caught using the N-word and torturing a teenager to death (the 1993 Somalia mission) they will be portrayed as an expression of this country’s benevolence. So, what should those of us who want Canada to be a force for good in the world think about the Trudeau government’s plan to join a UN stabilization mission in Mali, Congo, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic or South Sudan?

First, we have good reason to be cynical.

Canada’s little known chequered UN history in Africa

Covering Canada on Government Dime

September 12, 2016

The various arms of Canadian foreign policy fund media initiatives they expect will portray their operations sympathetically. It’s one reason why Canadians overwhelmingly believe this country is a benevolent international actor even though Ottawa long advanced corporate interests and sided with the British and US empires.

Covering Canada on Government Dime

Half Of Working Canadians Live Paycheque To Paycheque

September 11, 2016

TORONTO — A new poll suggests that about half of working Canadians would be hard-pressed to meet their financial obligations if their paycheque was delayed for a week.

The survey released Wednesday by the Canadian Payroll Association found that 48 per cent of respondents said they rely on each payday to cover their bills, with 40 per cent admitting they spend an amount equal to all or more of their net pay each week.

A quarter of those polled also said they wouldn’t be able to scrounge up $2,000 if an emergency situation happened within the next month.

The CPA said the survey highlights the growing number of Canadians who are living paycheque to paycheque, and unable to put away savings due to mounting debt and a weak economy.

The shocking disconnect between Liberal rhetoric and action on climate..

September 11, 2016