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Court ruling allows Canadian spies to conduct mass surveillance of cellphones

December 22, 2017

While officials claim the devices are only used to track a targeted suspect in the course of a police investigation, the reality is that CSS can cover a half-kilometre radius in urban areas and a two-kilometre radius in open spaces, meaning that intelligence agents can intercept communications of hundreds or thousands of civilians at a time. This kind of technology has been regularly used to conduct mass surveillance during protests in various countries.

Keny Arkana – De l’Opéra à la Plaine 3 (Clip Officiel)

December 21, 2017

Canada fails to protect bees by opting against full pesticide ban – environmentalists

December 20, 2017

Environmental groups in Canada have lashed out at the government, saying it has failed to protect bees. Ottawa has proposed limiting the use of bee-killing insecticides, but environmentalists want them completely banned.

‘We’ve all been there… except Bill Morneau that is’ | 22 Minutes..

December 17, 2017

Jane Fonda Calls Out “Pretty Faced Neoliberal” Trudeau

December 16, 2017

Canada avoids criticizing Trump over Jerusalem provocation

December 14, 2017

Canada’s Liberal government has stood almost alone among Washington’s western allies in refusing to condemn President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Basic income to be given to 84,000 people in Canada

December 12, 2017

An estimated 84,000 people in the Canadian province of Quebec are to receive basic income from the start of next year, as part of the government’s anti-poverty plan.

‘In a world awash in toxic masculinity, only one woman can bring us hope’..

December 9, 2017

Canada: Alberta’s “united right” elects key Harper aide to lead new party

December 9, 2017

Jason Kenney, a former top minister in Stephen Harper’s federal Conservative government, has emerged at the head of a new formation in Alberta which unites traditional conservatives and far-right forces drawn from the religious and libertarian right. The United Conservative Party (UCP) represents a further shift to the right in Alberta politics and is a sign of mounting regional tensions within the Canadian bourgeoisie.

Idle No More

December 7, 2017