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Canadians with offshore holdings evade up to $3 billion in tax per year..

June 29, 2018

Wealthy Canadians with hidden offshore accounts are evading up to $3 billion in tax every year, according to the first ever estimate of the international tax gap by the Canada Revenue Agency, obtained by the Star.

In a report to be made public Thursday, the government estimates Canadian individuals are hiding between $75.9 billion and $240.5 billion in offshore tax havens and elsewhere, and not paying tax on it.

Harper’s willingness to appease Trump should scare all Canadians..

June 29, 2018

“Harper’s bottom line in London? It is better to adapt than to oppose. Some people might be ‘troubled’ by the world-wide ‘polarization’ that is taking place. Tough beans, he says. Trump seems to have brought out the Neville Chamberlain in Harper.”

Trump to Trudeau: Canada is undermining NATO…

June 26, 2018

In advance of the NATO summit in Brussels July 11-12, Donald Trump is calling on Canada to step up its military spending to $44 billion per year, or two per cent of Canadian GDP (which is $2.2 trillion). Currently Canada spends $25 billion, or 1.2 per cent of GDP, on the military.

Canadian Taxpayers Federation funded by right-wing U.S. based Atlas Network..

June 25, 2018

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, a self-described non-partisan tax watchdog and taxpayer advocacy group once headed by Alberta Opposition Leader Jason Kenney, has always been tight-lipped about the sources of its own funding.

Ontario’s Ford-led government initiates class-war assault..

June 23, 2018

Ontario’s Premier-designate—the right-wing populist, millionaire businessman Doug Ford— imposed a public-sector hiring freeze Monday, as well as ordering all provincial ministries to severely curtail discretionary spending. The measures are meant to underline the incoming Progressive Conservative government’s determination to slash public spending.

Incoming Premier Doug Ford quietly axes Green Ontario Fund..

June 22, 2018

Incoming premier Doug Ford has quietly axed an environmental program to help homeowners get smart thermostats, energy-efficient windows and other retrofits to reduce their hydro bills and fight climate change.

Canada to legalize marijuana after landmark senate vote..

June 20, 2018

Canada has decided to legalize marijuana for recreational use after a bill was passed by its senate on Tuesday.

America’s northern neighbor will become the first G-7 industrialized nation and only the second in the world to have a legal nationwide cannabis market after the 52 to 29 vote…

Canada detains migrant kids, too, and it needs to stop, experts say..

June 19, 2018

Canada’s detention of hundreds of children of asylum-seekers in recent years don’t compare to the devastating images from the U.S. of kids in cages, which have drawn global condemnation.

But immigration experts and government critics say Canada Border Services Agency’s ongoing detention of minors — generally with their families — is deeply damaging to child welfare and mental health.

Former Bank of Canada Head: Pipeline Protesters May Be Killed. So Be It.

June 19, 2018

As Canada’s controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project faces ongoingopposition, the former governor of the Bank of Canada said that protesters may die but that the government should push the project through anyway.

Speaking at an event Wednesday, David Dodge said, “We’re going to have some very unpleasant circumstances,” the Edmonton Journal reported. “There are some people that are going to die in protesting construction of this pipeline. We have to understand that.”

“Nevertheless, we have to be willing to enforce the law once it’s there,” Dodge said. “It’s going to take some fortitude to stand up.”

Doug Ford will give us the carbon tax we never had..

June 18, 2018

The carbon tax is dead.

Promise kept.

Just one problem — Ontario has never had a carbon tax.

Now, thanks to Doug Ford, we may be about to get one.

When a beaming Ford boasted to reporters Friday that “the carbon tax’s days are numbered” in Ontario — counting the days to his swearing-in as premier on June 29 — he was playing with words, as politicians do, whether or not they’ve taken the oath of office.

No, there is no carbon tax. Yes, Ontario has had a “cap-and-trade” system that put a price on carbon since 2017 — not by taxing people, but by making companies pay for spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.