Trump says Trudeau’s comments are going to cost Canada ‘a lot of money..

“When I got out to the plane, I think that Justin probably didn’t know that Air Force One has about 20 televisions. And I see the television and he’s giving a news conference about how he will not be pushed around by the United States and I say push him around? We just shook hands. It was very friendly. … No, I have a good relationship with Justin Trudeau. I really did, other than he had a news conference, that he had because he assumed I was in an airplane and I wasn’t watching. He learned. That’s going to cost a lot of money for the people of Canada. He learned. You can’t do that. You can’t do that.”


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One Response to “Trump says Trudeau’s comments are going to cost Canada ‘a lot of money..”

  1. kginoregon Says:

    Donald is supposed to be a businessman. He’s not a businessman.

    No, Donald is a degenerate, bully salesman. He’s only good for bankruptcies, reality shows and licensing agreements.

    Putin figured that out. WE saw the bully salesman and THOUGHT he was a businessman. So we elected bankruptcy, a reality show and a TRUMP LICENSING ON A PUTIN PRESIDENCY. Silly us. Boy did he prove it this weekend.

    So – is Putin blackmailing Donald or is this a straight money backed licensing deal?

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