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Toronto is the only city targeted by Ford in legislation..

July 30, 2018

Toronto is the only Ontario city that will see its council slashed by Premier Doug Ford.

Ford’s government tabled the Better Local Government Act on Monday, but the provincial capital is the lone municipality that Ford is targeting at the moment.

Nearly half of Torontonians oppose Ford’s plan to slash city council, poll finds..

July 29, 2018

Nearly half of Torontonians disapprove of both Premier Doug Ford and his plan to dramatically shrink the size of city council, while a third are in favour of the ward reduction, according to a new poll by Forum Research.

The remaining 19 per cent of survey respondents are neutral on the idea or don’t know how to feel about it. Meanwhile, 70 per cent of Torontonians say they would vote for Mayor John Tory if an election were held today, giving him a commanding lead over last-minute mayoral candidate Jennifer Keesmaat, who had the support of 30 per cent of survey respondents.

How does the urban-suburban divide play out in a 25-seat Toronto council?

July 29, 2018

“The media keeps calling this a reform. That’s a mistake,” said Roger Keil, a professor and former director of the City Institute at York University. “This is gerrymandering: changing political boundaries in order to favour the party in power. It is a very blatant attempt to change the rules of the game so the opposition can’t win.”

The human wrecking ball of Ontario politics..

July 27, 2018

There he goes again, Premier Doug Ford, the human wrecking ball, the Steve Bannon of Ontario, saying all disruption is good, chaos is cleansing, and the rules of democracy are contemptible.

He is slicing city council in half, midelection campaign, to save, he claims, $25 million. His strategy is clear. Long may the Toronto elites wither while sewer pipes collapse and water comes out of the taps red and already coagulating. The only infrastructure we’ll have left is gullies. This is Ford’s mad dream. Blood moon eclipse! Government deconstruction!

‘We need bold ideas in this city.’ Jennifer Keesmaat to run for mayor of Toronto..

July 27, 2018

Her emergence as a progressive challenger to Tory is the second big jolt to city hall since Thursday night when the Star’s Robert Benzie revealed that Premier Doug Ford plans to slash the number of Toronto council seats from 47 to 25.

After Ford’s plan was revealed, Keesmaat unleashed a critical string of tweets that included the suggestion Canada’s biggest city and its economic engine should secede from the province of Ontario.

“This changes everything,” she tweeted after the news broke, followed by a deconstruction of Ford’s argument that city council needs to shrink to be more efficient, and then one word: “Secession.”

That was followed by: “FunFact: if #Toronto were to secede from Ontario, it would be the *fifth* largest Province/Territory in Canada. This is not a crazy idea. Why should Provinces be delineated based on geographic boundaries alone?” and “Even if you believe that Toronto City Council should be reduced in size (but remember, city councillors already represent a population the size of a small town — this is a city of 2.8 million) — the *way* this is being done is something that needs to be questioned.”

On Friday morning she tweeted, “Now I have had a chance to sleep on it. Secession. Why should a city of 2.8 million not have self governance?” and, shortly before she appeared at city all, “Good governance is the goal. Whatever should be done should be done. Laws change.”

Doug Ford’s attack on Toronto’s city council is a declaration of war..

July 27, 2018

Doug Ford will have his revenge on Toronto. We did not vote for him for mayor, we did not — the majority of us — vote for him for premier, and so now he will mess us up. Because he can, and because many of his loudest supporters in other parts of the province like nothing more than to see us get the high hard one, and many more of his loudest supporters think the entire apparatus of government is useless and should be burned to the ground.

Toronto Votes For A Total Ban On Handgun Sales After Mass Shooting..

July 26, 2018

“Why does anyone in this city need to have a gun at all?” Mayor John Tory asked at a city council meeting on Monday.

Rattled by string of violent attacks, Toronto wonders if city is unraveling..

July 25, 2018

As residents grapple with the latest attack to hit the city in recent months, some are asking whether it was becoming less safe..

Trudeau’s pledge to re-engage with Iran is another broken Liberal promise..

July 24, 2018

Another Liberal broken promise. Before becoming prime minister, Justin Trudeau promised to re-engage with Iran. His government has failed to do so and is beginning to echo the warmongers in Washington and Tel Aviv..

First Nations Take on Canadian Government to Stop Trans Mountain Pipeline..

July 24, 2018

An expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline that would transport tar sands oil from Alberta is one of the largest proposed fossil fuel infrastructure projects in Canada..