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Indigenous Nation Blocks TransCanada Pipeline with New Checkpoint..

December 24, 2018

Yellow Vests

December 21, 2018


Doug Ford skips question period for third day in a row amid Taverner controversy..

December 21, 2018

Facing more heat over the hiring of his longtime friend Ron Taverner to head the OPP, Premier Doug Ford skipped question period in the legislature for the third straight day Thursday as opposition parties continued to question the controversial appointment…

New advocacy group calls for Toronto to declare state of emergency on homelessness..

December 21, 2018

In 1998, homelessness worsened so badly in Toronto and across the country that a group formed the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee. We issued The State of Emergency Declaration and called homelessness a national disaster. That campaign and momentum led to a new federal homelessness program. However, a series of federal governments held out and shamefully ignored the call for a national housing program.

Twenty years later homelessness has worsened across the country to an almost post-apocalyptic state because we have not seen commitment by the federal government to fund and ensure a new supply of social housing that is truly affordable. There is only a “national housing strategy,” which has not made a dent in the human disaster.

Doug Ford is the author of his own misfortune..

December 20, 2018

Six months after finding a path to victory, Doug Ford’s Tories are losing their way.

Every government stumbles early on. But it’s hard to recall a party in power that has fallen so far, so fast.

Trudeau government fails to take bold action at COP24 to avoid climate breakdown..

December 18, 2018

The Trudeau government has failed to both recognize the climate emergency in front of us and to take action to limit global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Climate justice activists will undoubtedly work to make climate breakdown a ballot box question for the October 21, 2019 federal election and press whichever party that forms the next government (if polls and projections are right it will be the Liberals again) to take action at COP25 in Chile the following month.

However, given the Trudeau government is abdicating its responsibility on this front and other political parties needing to step up in their commitments to address the climate emergency, Extinction Rebellion actions — such as the week-long international rebellion scheduled to start on April 15, 2019 — will be needed to see real change.

Canada on track for record arms sales to Saudi Arabia..

December 18, 2018

Statistics Canada latest trade data releases show that Canada is heading toward a record year in rifle and ammunition exports to Saudi Arabia, despite the kingdom’s continued war in Yemen.

School boards ‘blindsided’ as Ford government slashes program funding..

December 16, 2018

The Ford government has cut millions in funding for programs that provide after-school jobs for needy teens, classroom tutors for kids, “student success” supports for racialized youth as well as a project focusing on Indigenous issues, the Star has learned.

Doug Ford has his boot on Toronto’s neck, so why is John Tory so complacent?..

December 16, 2018

Are you encouraged and heartened by the new Toronto city council — cut to half its size, but not its cost; led by an executive committee that’s loaded with the mayor’s suburban bootlickers; weak in gender representation; and saddled with the same intractable problems of 20 years ago?

Only the mindlessly optimistic among you can find comfort in the posed picture of the 26-member council as Mayor John Tory “leads” the new members to the municipal gallows.

Like it was in 1998, the Premier of Ontario has his boots on Toronto’s neck — only this time the mayor is almost an accomplice, malleable to the point of being complicit.

Yellow Vests Canada lacks left-wing populism of gilets jaunes in France..

December 14, 2018

Yellow vest protests are now being organized in Canada. The “Yellow Vests Canada” Facebook page was set up on December 5 and already has 43,506 members.