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Doug Ford claims ‘the largest fundraiser in Canadian history’..

February 28, 2019

Ontario is “open for business,” Premier Doug Ford told a Progressive Conservative fundraising dinner Wednesday that was closed to anyone who did not pay $1,250 to attend.

Speaking to 3,200 well-heeled supporters at an event from which the media were banned after the Star revealed the Tories enlisted lobbyists to sell tickets, Ford touted his government’s accomplishments.

Trudeau is on the ropes, but can NDP provide a viable, progressive alternative?..

February 28, 2019

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to have betrayed his promise of open and transparent government, but is unwavering in defending his government’s support for jobs, especially in Quebec.

Conservatives and their leader Andrew Scheer hypocritically decry the Trudeau government’s willingness to conflate the interests of the Liberal party with those of the country. They did exactly the same, and worse, when in power.

New Democrats and their newly elected leader Jagmeet Singh say all the right things, but show little sensitivity to concerns of their erstwhile voters in Quebec, and have not yet put any serious policy meat on the bones of their outraged rhetoric.

Trudeau refuses to resign after claims he tried to meddle in multi-million-dollar bribery probe..

February 28, 2019
Justin Trudeau has dismissed calls to resign amid explosive allegations from Canada’s ex-attorney general, who testified that the prime minister tried to pressure her to drop a bribery probe into a Quebec-based firm.

Former minister of justice and attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould told parliament’s justice committee on Wednesday that senior officials “barraged” her with requests to drop criminal charges against SNC Lavalin, a Canadian engineering company accused of using bribes to secure government contracts in Libya. Wilson-Raybould testified that the intense political pressure included “veiled threats” and even attempts by Trudeau to persuade her to shut down the proceedings in favor of a wrist-slap fine.

Ford breaks silence on customized van..

February 28, 2019

Doug Ford Holds $1250-A-Plate Fundraiser For The Rich..

February 28, 2019

The policy framework for a Canadian Green New Deal exists, what we lack is political will..

February 25, 2019

The essence of the Green New Deal is a swift transition to renewables that ensures equitable access to fair wage, full benefit, unionized livelihoods for all Americans. It consists of seven goals for drastically cutting carbon emissions. These goals will be met through policies that address historic inequalities based on poverty, race, and gender. And, like the original New Deal, it will be completely government funded and administered.

Canada’s “Humanitarian Aid” for Venezuela: Provocation or Genuine Concern?

February 24, 2019

thank u, next | Justin Trudeau version | 22 Minutes..

February 23, 2019

‘Shame on Trudeau’: Anger Stirred as Canada’s Energy Board Approves Trans Mountain Pipeline..

February 22, 2019

Indigenous tribes and green campaigners were angered but not surprised Friday when Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) recommended that the government move ahead with its planned expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline—despite acknowledging that the project will negatively affect the environment.

Doug Ford defends ticket sales by lobbyists to PC fundraiser..

February 22, 2019

Premier Doug Ford insists lobbyists have no influence on him — even though they are selling $1,250 tickets for his Progressive Conservative fundraiser next week.