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Dear Justin Trudeau: What about democratic government?

March 12, 2019

Despite his campaign promises, Justin Trudeau has been unable to abandon centralized power. His chosen style of governance is through emphasizing public relations, which is wearing thin.

SNC Lavalin: The Corporate Face of the Ugly Canadian Abroad..

March 12, 2019

While the Justin Trudeau government’s interference in the prosecution of SNC Lavalin highlights corporate influence over politics, it is also a story about a firm at the centre of Canadian foreign policy.

In a recent story titled “Canada’s Corrupt Foreign Policy Comes Home to Roost” I detailed some of SNC’s controversial international undertakings, corruption and government support. But, there’s a great deal more to say about the global behemoth.

“Canada’s Dershowitz”, Apologist for Israeli War Crimes, nominated for Peace Prize..

March 9, 2019

Irwin Cotler’s human rights credentials are a sham. He is a vicious anti-Palestinian who aggressively criticizes enemy states such as Venezuela, China, Russia and Iran while largely ignoring rights violations committed by Canada and the US.

Pot at the Canadian border | 22 Minutes

March 9, 2019

A partial list of attacks on women’s rights under Doug Ford..

March 8, 2019

Since June, Doug Ford’s government has taken steps to systematically undermine women’s rights. On their own, the funding cuts to the Ontario College of Midwives, clawbacks to raises for early childhood educators, and the reversion to the 1996 sex-ed, would not seem as insidious. But taken together, Ford’s government is demonstrating it has an anti-women agenda.

‘Disappointed’ Trudeau did not apologize for SNC-Lavalin affair: Jagmeet Singh..

March 8, 2019

Poll: Canada’s “Most Ethical Party Leader” May Surprise You..

March 8, 2019

Say Yes to the Vest | 22 Minutes..

March 2, 2019

Sordid SNC-Lavalin affair exposes Canada as a plutocracy, not a democracy..

March 1, 2019

With all the political commentators pontificating on the SNC-Lavalin affair and former attorney general Wilson-Raybould’s explosive testimony to the House of Commons justice committee, I wouldn’t dare venture to offer my own modest opinion on the imbroglio if I didn’t think I had something original to say.

To put it bluntly, I’m convinced that the eruption of this political scandal occurred because we live in a plutocracy rather than a democracy.