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Doug Ford voices support for plan to let developers hire their own inspectors..

January 28, 2020

Premier Doug Ford is voicing his support for a plan that could allow developers to hire their own building inspectors.

CBC Toronto was first to report on the government’s idea of creating a Certified Professionals Program that would allow architects and engineers to undergo additional training in the work that city inspectors do.

Under the plan, developers could then hire the newly-minted professionals, instead of calling in city inspectors to approve their progress. The City of Toronto is already voicing opposition, saying that raises a number of concerns including possible conflicts of interest.

Trudeau for regime change in Venezuela..

January 28, 2020
Justin Trudeau
Canada stands with the people of Venezuela as they pursue free & fair elections and human rights. In our meeting today, I commended Interim President @jguaido for the leadership he’s shown in his efforts to return democracy to Venezuela & offered him our continued support.

Canada can end poverty and shrink inequality by adding an annual basic income of $22K, new report says..

January 23, 2020

Canada can afford to eliminate poverty, support the middle class and dramatically shrink the gap between the rich and poor by introducing an annual basic income of $22,000, according to a new report.

‘National travesty’: report shows one third of Canada’s prisoners are Indigenous..

January 22, 2020

More than 30% of inmates in Canadian prisons are Indigenous – even though aboriginal people make up just 5% of the country’s population, according to new figures released by a federal watchdog.

The figure is highest in the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, where Indigenous people make up 54% of the prison population. Quebec had the lowest proportion of aboriginal prisoners, but at 15% the group was still dramatically overrepresented.

What makes the findings even more troubling, said Zinger, is that the proportion of Indigenous prisoners has steadily increased. Since April 2010, the Indigenous population in prisons has grown by nearly 44%, whereas the non-Indigenous incarcerated population has declined over the same period by 13.7%.

And although there are far few female prisoners, the statistics for Indigenous women are even bleaker: they currently represent 42% of the female prison population.

At the same time, Indigenous people are more likely to be the victims of violent crime in Canada: in 2018, they made up 22% of all homicide victims.


January 22, 2020

Consortium News accused a Canadian foreign intelligence agency, along with Global News, a Canadian television network, of defaming the media organization as “part of a cyber influence campaign directed by Russia.”

Libel notices were sent to the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) and Global News. The notices demand a retraction of any mention of Consortium News as well as an apology.

Consortium News Accuses Canadian Spy Agency Of Defaming Them As Part Of Russian Cyber Influence Campaign

Canada’s Top Court Rejects BC Bid to Halt Trans Mountain Tar Sands Project..

January 20, 2020

Environmental groups fumed Thursday after Canada’s Supreme Court rejected the province of British Columbia’s appeal regarding the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline expansion project.

The decision “is a loss for local governments who want to protect the land, water, and communities within their jurisdictions,” said Sierra Club BC.

Jason Kenney’s economic policies are failing Alberta..

January 16, 2020

Good Lord, can Alberta survive another spring of renewal like the last one?

Another springtime of renewal — that’s what Government House Leader Jason Nixon and the United Conservative Party’s meme machine were promising yesterday with the announcement the Alberta Legislature will get back to business on February 25.

“At only 12% of the way though our mandate, we’ve delivered on 43% of our commitments to Albertans so far,” Premier Jason Kenney or one of his social media surrogates tweeted merrily with a huckster’s love of spurious statistics. “Looking forward to another spring of renewal.”

Understanding the Carbon Tax | 22 Minutes..

January 11, 2020


January 8, 2020

It has come to light in recent years that major fossil fuel companies knew well in advance that their activities were gravely distorting the climate, even as they waged a relentless campaign to confuse public opinion and prevent regulatory action. A flood of cases are now making their way through the courts against Exxon Mobil and other companies accused of concealing the truth of a calamity now slowly enveloping the world.