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Alberta’s ‘war room’ is an attack on democracy..

February 11, 2020

.. happening in Alberta… The government’s scandal-plagued $2.5-million public inquiry and $30-million-a-year “war room,” called the Canadian Energy Centre, are founded on a conspiracy theory and are designed to silence or stigmatize those who raise legitimate questions about an expanding fossil fuel industry during a climate crisis. The war room is also set up as a corporation so it’s not subject to freedom of information requests — not a transparent use of tax dollars.

‘Protest Papers’ reveal extent Canadian democracy is ‘captured’ by foreign oil companies, says former Alberta MLA..

July 9, 2019

VANCOUVER—An 8,000-page pile of documents released by the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association on Monday showed how Canada’s public institutions have been eroded by foreign-owned oil companies, says the author of a book on the industry’s influence in government.