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Premier Doug Ford’s office caught in swirling scandals..

November 13, 2018

Chaos is swirling around Premier Doug Ford with his right-hand man forcing a departure at Ontario Power Generation, costing taxpayers up to $500,000 in severance, and another top Tory fighting back over his ouster in the wake of two sex scandals.


Quebec demonstrations call for action on climate change

November 13, 2018

On Saturday, November 10, over 50,000 people braved cold and snow to walk the streets of Montreal in support of “taking the planet to parliament.” Important demonstrations were also held in Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Rimouski, Cacouna and Ottawa.

Quebec’s new government putting up barriers to cultural diversity and ignoring the environment..

November 12, 2018

Quebec’s new provincial government, formed for the first time by the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) under the leadership of Premier François Legault, brings with it a new approach that proposes to shift the way the province manages immigration, deals with minority religious groups, represents Montreal and addresses climate change.

These changes were outlined during the campaign.

Kerry Diotte( Member of the Canadian Parliament for Edmonton Griesbach)posing with white nationalist Faith Goldy..

November 9, 2018

Census map shows Black people live in ‘segregated’ Toronto, professor says..

November 8, 2018

Community activist and writer Desmond Cole argues the map clearly demonstrates the city has a “segregation” problem when it comes to where Blacks live.

“This is called segregation. That’s what it is. There is no other word for it,” Cole told a hushed audience of city leaders, builders, planners, innovators and housing advocates gathered Thursday at the Evergreen Brick Works for the Future Cities Canada Summit, a city-building workshop.

He said many “young brilliant Black people” are leaving the city because “we can’t get the opportunities we deserve.”

Cole urged the crowd to consider the lives of people impacted by segregation and discrimination and “incorporate their needs into the notion of city building in 21st-century Toronto.”


November 7, 2018

LOL Dear Maclean’s: Conservative white male privilege is not “the resistance” Here’s a better headline: Meet the dinosaurs.


Adrienne Clarkson drops $100k a year on office supplies | 22 Minutes

November 6, 2018

‘Trudeau won’t stop $12bn of arms sales to Saudi after Khashoggi’s death because money always wins over murder’..

November 4, 2018

When Ottawa decided to sell its spanking new light armoured vehicles (LAVs) to the Saudi kingdom, the Saudis already had a well-earned reputation for chopping off heads and supporting raving and well-armed Islamists. But Mohammed bin Salman had not yet ascended the crown princedom of this pious state. The Saudis had not yet invaded Yemen, chopped off the heads of its Shia leaders, imprisoned its own princes, kidnapped the Lebanese prime minister and dismembered Khashoggi.


November 4, 2018

Macklin, the human rights lawyer, said that Trudeau’s government has its priorities wrong. For Canada, she said, “the problem is irregular entry, so the solution has to be preventing irregular entry. No. The problem is that the United States is not a safe country.”

Canadian stoners go back to street dealers as government struggles to meet high demand..

November 1, 2018

A marijuana frenzy that has swept through Canada since weed was legalized last month has caused shortages, forcing fans to turn back to the black market.