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Canada’s two-year window to make a choice between climate justice and militarism..

May 20, 2020

It is possible that the world could see a decrease in spending on weapons due to the drop in the price of oil, pandemic related debt and a popular push for public funds to be spent on health care and the environment rather than increasingly on armaments.

Ontario police arrest First Nations protesters amid standoff with Canadian government over pipeline..

February 25, 2020
Police in Ontario arrested 10 people and dismantled the Tyendinaga Mohawk blockade that had shut down much of Canada’s rail traffic for the past two weeks, but the battle over a pipeline going through indigenous lands continues.

Mohawks set up barricades on the Canadian Pacific railway track on February 8, in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs over in British Columbia, who are protesting efforts to build a natural gas pipeline through the land they claim. They demand that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau order the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) out of their territory before any negotiations can begin.

Wet’suwet’en solidarity blockades: corporate media’s punditocracy is yesterday’s news..

February 23, 2020

Once again, the corporate media are putting a pro-extractivist spin on the news. A recent poll conducted for Global News shows that 61 per cent of Canadians oppose the blockades in support of the Wet’suwet’en resistance to the Coastal GasLink pipeline in northern B.C. As the mainstream media constantly remind us, these solidarity blockades have led to disruptions of rail traffic across the country, with associated economic costs. On its website, Global News headlined its poll, “61% of Canadians Oppose Wet’suwet’en Solidarity Blockades; 75% Back Action to Help Indigenous People.”

That emphasis obscures the astonishing finding that 39 per cent of Canadians support the blockades, notwithstanding the outrage from media, political and business quarters.

Thousands rally at Queen’s Park to support Wet’suwet’en solidarity movement..

February 23, 2020

Thousands gathered at Queen’s Park Saturday in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en leaders with a simple message for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: It’s not over.

‘As Nobel prize winners, we demand Justin Trudeau stop the Teck Frontier mine’..

February 22, 2020

All new projects that enable fossil fuel growth are an affront to our state of climate emergency. It is a disgrace Canada is considering them..

Protests by Indigenous peoples a culmination of centuries of political abuse and neglect..

February 21, 2020

A recent poll found that a majority of Canadians favour police intervention to stop Indigenous protesters and activists from blocking railway services.

Are these anti-protesters unaware of the long and brutal mistreatment of Indigenous peoples that led up to these protests? Or do they simply not care about it?

In any case, perhaps a brief history lesson may be helpful, starting after the initial invasion of Canada by European settlers.

Shut Down Canada Until It Solves Its War, Oil, and Genocide Problem..

February 20, 2020

Indigenous people in Canada are giving the world a demonstration of the power of nonviolent action. The justness of their cause — defending the land from those who would destroy it for short term profit and the elimination of a habitable climate on earth — combined with their courage and the absence on their part of cruelty or hatred, has the potential to create a much larger movement, which is of course the key to success.

Shut Down Canada Until It Solves Its War, Oil, and Genocide Problem

The politics of the Wet’suwet’en crisis are thorny and dangerous..

February 20, 2020

For some federal politicians, the crisis engendered by the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs’ refusal to allow a natural gas pipeline through their territory is also an opportunity.

For Andrew Scheer, it is a chance to flex his law-and-order muscles. He fulminates not only against the Trudeau government’s lax and slow response, but against the “small group of radicals” who, he says, are endangering the country’s economy.

Something’s happening here..

February 20, 2020

Little did I know how relevant it would be in Canada. As the unprecedented support for the Wet’suwet’en grows to a level we have never seen before in this country, we have to recognize that what is happening is the result of the both the tremendous organizing of Indigenous groups and individuals over the past decade, and the immediate response of young environmentalists who deeply understand the relationship between Indigenous sovereignty and saving the planet.

When it comes to climate hypocrisy, Canada’s leaders have reached a new low..

February 5, 2020

A territory that has 0.5% of the Earth’s population plans to use up nearly a third of the planet’s remaining carbon budget..