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Will Cuba be Canada’s Next Target After Venezuela?

March 18, 2019

While much is made of Ottawa’s seemingly cordial relations with Havana, the reality is more complicated than often presented, as I detail here. Most significantly, Canada has repeatedly aligned with US fear-mongering about the “Cuban menace” in the region.

Canada and Cuba

November 29, 2016

Has Canada been a “friend” to Cuba?

While Ottawa’s position towards Fidel Castro’s Cuba was far more progressive than our southern neighbour’s, the story is more complicated than liberals are likely to suggest in their commentary over Castro’s passing.

Canada did not play a central role in U.S. efforts to squash the social reforms and independence of the island nation. Rather than participate in hundreds of CIA assassination attempts on the life of Fidel, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau declared “Viva Castro” during an official trip to Cuba in 1976. But, there’s a little-known unsavory side to Canadian relations with Cuba.

Canada and Cuba

The many lives of Fidel Castro

November 28, 2016

Was Fidel Castro a heroic friend and inspiration to oppressed peoples worldwide or an authoritarian who suppressed the democratic rights of his country’s citizens? In fact, he was both. Castro’s life represents many things to many people. The Canadian and U.S. press, however, has proven mostly incapable of presenting more than the usual one-sided demonization. When it comes to assessing the improbably long life of this 20th-century giant, neither ahistorical liberal and conservative condemnation nor leftist deification suffices.