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Stop swooning over Justin Trudeau. The man is a disaster for the planet

April 17, 2017

Donald Trump is so spectacularly horrible that it’s hard to look away (especially now that he’s discovered bombs). But precisely because everyone’s staring gape-mouthed in his direction, other world leaders are able to get away with almost anything. Don’t believe me? Look one nation north, at Justin Trudeau.


With Faith in Regulators at ‘All Time Low,’ Canadians Ask Trudeau: ‘Where Are You?’

January 21, 2016

As Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) begins hearing testimony on the controversial Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline expansion project in British Columbia, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under fire from environmentalists and First Nations activists who say he’s breaking an election promise to fix what they call a broken pipeline approval process.

Donation of Prize Money by Canadian Activist Spurs Flood of Dollars to Tar Sands Fight

November 30, 2014

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, recipient of a prestigious Canadian literary prize, announced this week he is donating the $25,000 award to a grassroots coalition against TransCanada Corporation’s “Energy East” pipeline.

His challenge to people across Canada and the world to double his contribution to the group Coule Pas Chez Nous (Don’t Let it Flow in Our Backyard) has resulted in a flood of donations totaling at least $326,000 (in Canadian currency), with more money continuing to pour in.

Scientists Speak Out Against Canada’s “War on Science”

January 22, 2014

Seven of Canada’s most prized scientific libraries are being shut down and some of their contents have already been burned, thrown away or carted off by fossil fuel consultancy firms. This development is part of a Harper administration plan to slash more than $160 million in the coming years from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, or DFO — an agency charged with protecting the country’s vast waterways.

The Harper government has portrayed the move as necessary in order to reduce the country’s deficit and provide Canadians with greater access to scientific information through the Internet. But alongside the cuts, the Harper administration has doled out billions in subsidies to the fossil fuel-dominated energy sector — $26 billion in 2011, according to a recent International Monetary Fund report.

Noam Chomsky: Canada on Fast-Speed Race ‘to Destroy the Environment’

November 28, 2013

Canada is on a race “to destroy the environment as fast as possible,” said noted linguist and intellectual Noam Chomsky in an interview with the Guardian published Friday.

Chomsky took aim at the conservative government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, which has pushed for increased exploitation of the tar sandsmuzzled federal scientists, championed theKeystone XL pipeline and gutted environmental protections.

What is the biggest scandal of them all?

November 24, 2013

Canada ranks almost at the bottom of the Climate Change Performance Index, a highly reputable scientific report on the contribution to global warming of countries around the globe.

The report shows that Canada is one of the world’s ten largest carbon dioxide emitters.

That may not be surprising, given the size of the Canadian economy and Canada’s geography and climate.

Canada’s share of global emissions — 1.58 per cent — puts this country in tenth place. And so there are nine bigger emitters than us.

But Canada’s performance is really much worse than that tenth place indicates.

Harper Muzzling Scientists Must End

September 16, 2013