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‘National travesty’: report shows one third of Canada’s prisoners are Indigenous..

January 22, 2020

More than 30% of inmates in Canadian prisons are Indigenous – even though aboriginal people make up just 5% of the country’s population, according to new figures released by a federal watchdog.

The figure is highest in the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, where Indigenous people make up 54% of the prison population. Quebec had the lowest proportion of aboriginal prisoners, but at 15% the group was still dramatically overrepresented.

What makes the findings even more troubling, said Zinger, is that the proportion of Indigenous prisoners has steadily increased. Since April 2010, the Indigenous population in prisons has grown by nearly 44%, whereas the non-Indigenous incarcerated population has declined over the same period by 13.7%.

And although there are far few female prisoners, the statistics for Indigenous women are even bleaker: they currently represent 42% of the female prison population.

At the same time, Indigenous people are more likely to be the victims of violent crime in Canada: in 2018, they made up 22% of all homicide victims.

Canada’s Cultural Genocide

June 9, 2015