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Jody Wilson-Raybould doth protest too much..

March 28, 2019

Do Wilson-Raybould’s recent words in the House match her deeds? What has been her track record as minister of justice? When, since 2015, has she demonstrated political principle and acted heroically on behalf of Indigenous peoples, marginalized groups, and less fortunate Canadians?

Did Wilson-Raybould voice her dissent on grounds of principle when the Liberal government refused to relinquish its $14-billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, a country responsible for the starvation of countless Yemenite children?

Did she protest when her government spent “$110K in legal fees fighting a First Nations girl over [a] $6K dental procedure”?

Did she contest the government’s decision to take the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to Federal Court “over a ruling last month that linked the suicide deaths in a northern Ontario First Nation with Ottawa’s inaction on implementing total equity in health-care delivery for Indigenous children”?