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Legacy media’s shameful ‘whitesplaining’ of the Wet’suwet’en land defence..

February 18, 2020

As Canada’s crippling rail shutdown reaches into its third week, an overwhelming majority of voices in the country’s mainstream media have spoken: The Aboriginal demonstrators, who say they are defending their lands from a liquefied natural gas pipeline they do not want, are lawless thugs or fringe activists, and it’s time for action, not talk, to get them the hell out of our way.

Those voices are certainly not letting the facts get in their way.

CBC, CP and Toronto Star give oxygen to Ford campaign..

May 15, 2018

During the 2016 U.S. election campaign, American newspapers and television networks found Donald Trump so ghoulishly fascinating they devoted many hours and many pages of coverage to him.

Reporters, hosts, editors and producers for news organizations such as CNN may have believed their obsessive and never-ending coverage of Trump served the purpose of exposing a lying charlatan and bully for what he is. The news organizations’ management had a less enlightened motive. They knew the Trump story would help boost ratings and readership. As it turns out, all that media attention did not serve to expose and thus fatally wound Trump. Quite the contrary, it provided oxygen to his campaign.

Up to this point, we have been seeing a repeat of that same syndrome in coverage of the Ontario campaign. A large number of Ontario election news stories focus primarily on the antics of Doug Ford, the Progressive Conservative (PC) leader.  The other leaders do get covered, but, all too often, only in so far as they react to Ford.

Report: How Canadian Media Bias Impacted Minimum Wage Coverage

February 13, 2018

Anti-Palestine Media Bias Remains Untouchable Even to Canada’s Media Critics

September 25, 2016

Media coverage of world affairs mostly focuses on Ottawa/Washington’s perspective. While the dominant media is blatant in its subservience to Canadian/Western power, even independent media is often afraid to challenge the foreign policy status quo.

Anti-Palestine Media Bias Remains Untouchable Even to Canada’s Media Critics

Globe and Mail Continues its Elitist Nationalist Bias

September 6, 2016

An elitist, nationalist, bias dominates all areas of Canada’s paper of record.

Globe and Mail Continues its Elitist Nationalist Bias

Canada’s Newspapers Were In The Tank For Harper, Media Analysis Finds

November 17, 2015

Canadian newspapers overwhelmingly supported Stephen Harper’s Conservatives in the past two elections, much more so than they would have if they had reflected public opinion, a new study finds.

The report from the Canadian Media Concentration Research Project found that 95 per cent of newspaper endorsements in the 2011 election went to Harper. That’s every daily in Canada that endorsed a party, except for the Toronto Star, which endorsed the NDP that year.

It was “roughly three times [Harper’s] standing in opinion polls at the time,” Carleton University Prof. Dwayne Winseck wrote in the report.