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Warning of ‘Surveillance Capitalism’ Nightmare, Big Tech Investor-Turned-Critic Pushes Toronto to Abandon ‘Smart City’ Waterfront Development..

June 7, 2019

American venture capitalist Roger McNamee, an early investor in big tech companies including Google and Facebook, urged Toronto officials this week to abandon a proposed “smart city” waterfront development—adding his voice to a growing chorus of people who have raised privacy and data collection concerns about the project.

Court ruling allows Canadian spies to conduct mass surveillance of cellphones

December 22, 2017

While officials claim the devices are only used to track a targeted suspect in the course of a police investigation, the reality is that CSS can cover a half-kilometre radius in urban areas and a two-kilometre radius in open spaces, meaning that intelligence agents can intercept communications of hundreds or thousands of civilians at a time. This kind of technology has been regularly used to conduct mass surveillance during protests in various countries.

‘Radical attack’ on free press : Snowden slams Quebec police chief over monitoring journalists

November 3, 2016
Edward Snowden has called for Quebec’s police chief to resign following reports that the police secretly monitored journalists’ phone calls.

Speaking via video link to students at McGill University in Montreal on Wednesday, the NSA whistleblower described the news as a “radical attack on the operations of the free press.”

‘Flabbergasted’: 6 Canadian reporters stunned to learn their phones were tracked by police

November 3, 2016

Canadian police have been tracking the cellphones of six investigative journalists, treating them as suspects, media and police officials said. The scandal comes a day after reports emerged revealing that police had also been spying on another journalist.


March 2, 2015

Canada’s electronic surveillance agency is covertly monitoring vast amounts of Canadians’ emails as part of a sweeping domestic cybersecurity operation, according to top-secret documents.

New Snowden docs reveal Canada spying on millions of internet users

January 30, 2015

Canadian spy agency sued for spying on Canadians

October 28, 2013