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Canadians split on impact of Trudeau government since 2015: Forum poll..

August 7, 2019

Canadians are split on whether the country is doing “better or worse” since the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau came into power, according to a Forum Research poll.


Justin Trudeau Strengthens Canada’s Ties with the Repressive United Arab Emirates..

July 10, 2019

Given his personal history perhaps it is no surprise that Justin Trudeau is fond of monarchies.

The United Arab Emirates is a repressive monarchy that pursues violent, anti-democratic, policies in its region. Despite this — or maybe because of it —Trudeau’s Liberal government has strengthened ties to the federation of seven Emirates. And unlike Canada’s claims to be promoting democracy in Venezuela or the Ukraine, there has been little mention of this in the media or scrutiny in Parliament.

Justin Trudeau Strengthens Canada’s Ties with the Repressive United Arab Emirates

Canada’s Justin Trudeau’s Anti-Palestinism..

July 6, 2019

Is Justin Trudeau a racist? He and his government certainly accept and promote anti-Palestinianism. Two recent moves reaffirm his government’s pattern of blaming Palestinians for their dispossession and subjugation.

Canada’s Justin Trudeau’s Anti-Palestinism

Trudeau’s climate plan is a dangerous fraud..

July 4, 2019

It’s possible that the world’s top climate scientists are lying.

If so, we can relax and feel confident that Justin Trudeau has dealt with the climate crisis in the appropriate way.

Trudeau lines Canada up behind Trump’s war drive against Iran..

June 26, 2019

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have declared their unabashed solidarity with US imperialism in its campaign of aggression and war preparations against Iran. During a visit to the White House on Thursday, the same day US warplanes came within minutes of launching a devastating strike on the country of more than 80 million people, Trudeau painted Iran as the “aggressor.”

‘This Pipeline Will Not Be Built,’ Indigenous and Climate Leaders Tell Trudeau After Canada Approves Trans Mountain Expansion..

June 19, 2019

“Canada deserves a Green New Deal, not more fossil fuel projects.”

That’s how many climate campaigners—including Clayton Thomas-Muller of—responded after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday announced his federal government approved an expansion of the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline, just a day after the country’s House of Commons voted to declare a climate emergency. Ahead of the anticipated move, critics charged that green-lighting the project would make an “absolute mockery” of the emergency declaration.

‘Climate emergency’ on Monday, pipeline expansion on Tuesday: Trudeau the fraud strikes again..

June 19, 2019

Justin Trudeau’s faux concern for the environment was always hypocritical and duplicitous — but there’s something especially slimy about declaring a climate emergency on Monday and approving an oil pipeline expansion on Tuesday.

Canada green-lights pipeline expansion despite environmental concerns..

June 19, 2019
Ottawa has OKed the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, bogged down by delays due to concerns over oil spills in coastal waters and opposition from indigenous people living in its path.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who’s been trying to carve out an image of himself as a champion of environmental protection, reasoned that the pipeline would lessen the US’ leverage over Canada.

Trudeau’s Social Finance Fund inspired by British Conservative Party..

June 12, 2019

The Trudeau government is set to announce a public-private partnership scheme today that comes straight from the so-called “Big Society” playbook championed by former British Conservative prime minister David Cameron.

Canada’s Justin Trudeau Continues Push to overthrow Venezuela’s Government..

May 12, 2019

The effort Justin Trudeau is putting into overthrowing Venezuela’s government is remarkable.

During the past 12 days the prime minister has raised the issue separately with the leaders of the EU, Spain, Japan and Cuba. On Tuesday Trudeau had a phone conversation with European Council President Donald Tusk focused almost entirely on Venezuela, according to the communiqué. “Prime Minister Trudeau reiterated his support for Interim President Juan Guaidó”, it noted.

The next day Trudeau talked to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez about ousting president Nicolás Maduro. Venezuela is the only subject mentioned in the official release about the call.

Canada’s Justin Trudeau Continues Push to overthrow Venezuela’s Government