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There is a Burning Need to Rekindle Anti-militarist Political Movements in Canada..

August 29, 2018

Are soldiers more valuable to society than teachers? Are they more essential than the people who drive buses or clean up our waste? Are their jobs that much more dangerous than firefighters, or psychiatric nurses or loggers? Is what they do more honourable than parenting, caring for elders, providing essential social services or reporting the news?

Canada’s Political Mainstream Backs War in Ukraine

March 31, 2015

Canadians will go to the polls next October in the first national election since the Conservative Party won a majority government in 2011. There is intense concern among progressive people in the country about the prospects of the Conservatives winning another term in office.

The government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is moving further and further to the right. It has aligned itself tightly with U.S. foreign policy, including being ‘holier than thou’ in its unconditional support of Israel. It joined the U.S.-led air war in Iraq six months ago and now it is joining the U.S. in expanding that to Syria. It has cemented Canada’s role as a leading climate vandal in the world. It has attacked civil and social rights across the board and is now deepening that attack with the proposed, ‘police-state Canada’ Bill C-51.

Canadian War Industries Flog their Wares at the Middle East’s Largest Arms Bazaar

March 11, 2013

Canadian war industries are flogging their wares at IDEX 2013, the largest weapons bazaar in the Middle East and North Africa.  Over 1,000 exhibitors from 52 countries and over 60,000 attendees have converged on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for IDEX 2013.  This huge arms show is a golden opportunity for Canadian military exporters to schmooze with procurement officials from the US client states that dominate this oil-rich region.  IDEX is also a great place to rub shoulders with many of the world’s most-profitable war industries.  For example, of the world’s 35 top-ranking military companies, 28 of them are exhibiting their deadly products at IDEX.1