Rail blockade: indigenous resistance shakes the Canadian state..

February 17, 2020

Indigenous groups resisting a destructive gas pipeline have blockaded one of Canada’s busiest rail lines bringing business as usual to a grinding halt..


‘When justice fails block the rails’ — Wet’suwet’en solidarity protest weaves through Toronto..

February 17, 2020

Countrywide demonstrations in support of the Wet’suwet’en’s hereditary chiefs included a massive demonstration at Queen’s Park on Sunday, with more events expected on the horizon.


Trudeau scraps overseas trip after pipeline protesters BLOCK US-Canada bridge amid ongoing rail shutdowns ..

February 16, 2020

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has cancelled his trip to Barbados after the protests against a gas pipeline that crosses indigenous land escalated, leading to major rail disruptions and a brief stop of traffic at the US-Canada border.


Check your white male privilege Andrew Scheer..

February 16, 2020

On February 14, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer made the shocking statement that protesters and activists need to “check their privilege” and let people whose jobs depend on the railway systems get to work. In this case, it is Scheer who needs to check his own privilege. His comments appear to be racially motivated as the people occupying the rails in Ontario are very obviously Indigenous peoples. Scheer’s comments reflect worn out stereotypes about Indigenous peoples that are not worth repeating, but are not based on facts. These kinds of comments serve only to promote societal division and manufacture hatred towards a specific group — Indigenous peoples.


Justin Trudeau lectures others about human rights while forgetting issues at home..

February 14, 2020

An old Arab proverb says “If a camel tries to look at its own hump, its neck might break.” Basically, looking at one’s own back (or own problems) might be painful, so instead many people decide to look away.


Canadian energy giant ‘funding’ Oregon sheriff’s unit to thwart protests against one of its own pipeline projects – report…

February 14, 2020

A Canadian fossil fuel company “bought” a sheriff’s unit in Oregon with the aim of controlling and monitoring the behavior and activities of anti-gas pipeline activists and environmentalists, the Intercept has revealed.


Alberta’s ‘war room’ is an attack on democracy..

February 11, 2020

.. happening in Alberta… The government’s scandal-plagued $2.5-million public inquiry and $30-million-a-year “war room,” called the Canadian Energy Centre, are founded on a conspiracy theory and are designed to silence or stigmatize those who raise legitimate questions about an expanding fossil fuel industry during a climate crisis. The war room is also set up as a corporation so it’s not subject to freedom of information requests — not a transparent use of tax dollars.


Ontario premier swipes at ‘scary’ Sanders campaign..

February 9, 2020
Ontario premier swipes at 'scary' Sanders campaign
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Ontario Premier Doug Ford criticized Democrats during a visit to Washington, D.C., this week, calling Democratic presidential contender Sen. Bernie Sanders‘s (I-Vt.) campaign “scary.”

“We hope the election is going to turn out the right way … literally, the right way,” Ford said during an interview at a Canadian American Business Council event on Friday.


When it comes to climate hypocrisy, Canada’s leaders have reached a new low..

February 5, 2020

A territory that has 0.5% of the Earth’s population plans to use up nearly a third of the planet’s remaining carbon budget..


Trans Mountain ruling looks like a win for Alberta — as the world drives away in electric vehicles..

February 5, 2020

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney won one yesterday with the decision of the Federal Court of Appeal to strike down a challenge by a group of four British Columbia First Nations and allow the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project to take another lurching step toward completion.