Doug Ford savours his summer of love..

August 15, 2018

Doug Ford surely knows that in politics as in matrimony, you only get one summer of love. There are no second honeymoons, no second acts, no second chances.

Not a minute to lose in launching the “shock and awe” approach to his opening season — by declaring open season on everything that went before him.


Why are people destitute in Canada?

August 14, 2018

A group of over 170 organizations and prominent individuals have signed an open letter to Justin Trudeau — urging the government to follow up on its national housing strategy commitment to ensure “the right of every Canadian to access adequate housing.”

Economic and social rights are not adequately protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but Canada is a signatory to the UN Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

In federal housing legislation promised for this fall, the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness and Canada Without Poverty — as sponsors of the open letter — want the Liberal government to meet Canadian commitments to housing as a human right under international law.

Doug Ford Accuses Politician Of Bomb Threat After Tough Question..

August 14, 2018

How Justin Trudeau Should Respond to Saudi Arabia..

August 13, 2018

As every good poker player knows, sometimes the right move is to go all in.

Given his cards and the obvious over-the-top attempt by his opponent to scare him off a winning hand, Justin Trudeau’s next move should be to see Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s (aka MBS) diplomatic break and raise him a wide-ranging ethical challenge.

In response to Saudi Arabia suspending diplomatic ties, withdrawing medical students and selling off assets in Canada over an innocuous tweet, the Trudeau government should:

Canada appears to stand alone in feud with Saudi Arabia..

August 11, 2018

Toronto politicians can’t hide from the increasingly extreme weather..

August 10, 2018

In the past five years, Toronto has suffered the calamitous deluge of two “100-year storms,” so-called rare events that flood basements, roads, streetcars and elevators.

Just last Tuesday, residents posted video and photos in real time, showing scenes of devastation — submerged cars, waterfalls cascading down the steps near Union Station and a streetcar abandoned by terrified riders after water rose above the seats.

What the rich need now is hate, sweet hate..

August 10, 2018

In the ensuing decade, surprisingly, the rich have gotten way richer, and the poor, strangely, way poorer. Inequality after the Great Recession is at levels unseen since right before the Great Depression. The kids are even flirting with socialism again, much to the chagrin of “opposition” parties like the American “Democrats” and the zombie remnants of “New Labour” in the U.K.

What to do, what to do?

How Canada’s spat with Saudi Arabia could affect our hospitals..

August 10, 2018

cut disability but push 1 dollar beer?

August 10, 2018

Premier Doug Ford opposes ban on handgun sales in Toronto..

August 9, 2018

Premier Doug Ford says he is against a council-requested ban on the sale of handguns and their ammunition within Toronto’s boundaries.

“I wouldn’t support a ban on handguns,” Ford said Thursday. “There’s a lot of legal, responsible handgun owners.

“We have to refocus all our resources going after the bad guys, not the good guys.”