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Harper’s willingness to appease Trump should scare all Canadians..

June 29, 2018

“Harper’s bottom line in London? It is better to adapt than to oppose. Some people might be ‘troubled’ by the world-wide ‘polarization’ that is taking place. Tough beans, he says. Trump seems to have brought out the Neville Chamberlain in Harper.”

Trudeau’s Liberals Adopt Harper Government’s Carbon Targets

September 24, 2016

Canada’s Newspapers Were In The Tank For Harper, Media Analysis Finds

November 17, 2015

Canadian newspapers overwhelmingly supported Stephen Harper’s Conservatives in the past two elections, much more so than they would have if they had reflected public opinion, a new study finds.

The report from the Canadian Media Concentration Research Project found that 95 per cent of newspaper endorsements in the 2011 election went to Harper. That’s every daily in Canada that endorsed a party, except for the Toronto Star, which endorsed the NDP that year.

It was “roughly three times [Harper’s] standing in opinion polls at the time,” Carleton University Prof. Dwayne Winseck wrote in the report.

The Long, Long Ego Trip of Stephen Harper

October 21, 2015

We need to give the man his due. Stephen Harper was one of the brightest persons to be prime minister since Pierre Elliott Trudeau, perhaps the brightest ever. But while Trudeau studied Canada and published his findings in books like Federalism and the French Canadians, Harper studied Canada and kept his own counsel.

tweets against Harper

October 21, 2015

for not wanting young people to vote so badly you motivated them to vote (many for the first time) you out of office.

for being such a racist, fear-mongering bigot that you actually motivated and inspired so many young people to vote.

For being the only member of the UN to reject a landmark indigenous rights document.

for making me a second class citizen and for embarrassing us internationally on the issue of climate change

Oh, and for showing Canadians what this country should be by trying to destroy it. Gutting the environment, science.

for using racist fear tactics. It backfired on you and now we have a better Canada

Harper in the Hot Seat

October 19, 2015

Canada: PM Harper attends rally hosted by Rob Ford

October 19, 2015

Stephen Harper is the last remnant of George W Bush in North America

October 14, 2015

I frequently tell my American friends, who know little about Canada, thatStephen Harper is the last remnant of the George W Bush administration in North America. The response I get is usually a mixture of dismay and pity. Bush’s worldview and politics of fear have been rejected by Americans in the last two elections, many of whom now lament his era as a period of folly and hubris.

My American friends are also confused. How could Canada, a country widely regarded as being full of socially-progressive and tolerant people, elect someone from a party so antithetical to that image?

Harper thinks we won’t vote. Let’s show him he’s wrong

October 14, 2015

Beyond the fear, hope and angst that have been the trademarks of Election 2015, the bottom line is unchanged: it is time to show the dictator the door.


After nearly ten years in office, Stephen Harper remains as secretive, dishonest and ruthless as ever. He shows no remorse for the wagonload of scandals, international embarrassments, meltdowns of judgement, and attacks on civil liberties and Canadian democracy — the sum of his depressing decade in power. He did rent Chinese panda bears, I give you that.

Harper realizing he’s going to lose, decides to go out with dignity.

October 14, 2015

Campaigns with Rob Ford..